Monday, 28 August 2017

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The  significantly higher results of the summer Learning journey  in the subjects of writing (e-asTTle) and reading (PAT) scores in Term 1 2017 (after the summer programme) for participants, is  more than enough reason to continue with this worthwhile endeavour. These promising results can only be a sign of future growth and our learners reaching for the stars on their learning journey in life.
The Manaiakalani kaupapa has been instrumental in helping our students in achieving these results.
UBIQUITOUS LEARNING  - free access  24/7  imposes no restrictions nor any time constraints on any learner. They can learn at any time and any place which is suitable to them.
VISIBILITY OF LEARNING - with the learners learning being visible to the educators and the world at large, students have taken ownership and agency of their learning. This in turn engenders an increased level of responsibility.
CONNECTEDNESS - The Manaiakalani network has an excellent means of connecting learners an teachers. The learning is shared and can be hooked into quite easily.
EMPOWERED -  Manaiakalani learners are empowered with a wealth of resources. These resources enrich the learning and empower the learners to attain greater levels of achievement.
Being empowered gives the learners the power to choose the learning pathways they will follow, making informed decisions.
REWARDS - One of the major incentives to the learners to participate in the summer learning journey, was the rewards to be reaped at the end.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

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3 ways to increase traffic to your blog.

Keep on updating your blog, by constantly adding the learners learning to your blog. A blog that is perpetually changing is a living blog and it will attract more viewers.
Add a picture or pictures to your text. A visual with your text can be very attractive to the blog readers. The traffic of viewers will increase when a blog is presented attractively.
(a) Choose a clear and easily legible font.
(b) Choose colours which are easy on the eye and which have a calming effect.
(c) Choose a simple layout.The layout should flow and be easy to follow.